Peru Bird Hunting

The two most popular bird hunting trips are the duck hunts and dove hunts and of course the combo duck/dove hunt.

Duck Hunting Peru - Los Gauchos

Duck hunting in Peru is exciting shooting at birds that have never seen a duck decoy spread, never seen a duck blind—it’s duck shooting at its finest!

The species of ducks one will find in Peru include:

  • Speckled Teal

  • Yellowbilled Teal

  • Silver Teal

  • Crested Duck

  • Cinnamon Teal

  • White Cheeked Pintail

  • Muscovy

  • Comb

  • Blue Winged Teal

  • Fulvous

  • Black Bellied Tree Ducks
and how can we forget the favorite waterfowl of bird hunters - the Andean Goose. It’s pretty much the same story for doves; the doves are abundant, and the roost shooting is high-volume.

Every dove hunter can expect to shoot one hundred, to one hundred and fifty doves per afternoon.

Peru Hunting

The Peruvian Hunters Association worked hard with regulators and other hunting associations to have the ability for hunters worldwide to visit Peru and enjoy the wing shooting sports.

Peru is also allowing for trophies to be exported - a unique experience since Argentina and Uruguay have banned all exporting of birds and puts several limitations on getting trophies out of the country.

Some of the bird hunting available in Peru include ducks, doves, quail, partidge, and geese.

Duck Hunting in Peru

Hunting in Peru will let you hunt several duck species that are hard to find in other South American countries.

Duck hunting near the Peruvian coast is about the flocks of ambitious, fast-flying birds into the decoys for waiting hunters with their shotguns raised.

Coastal duck hunting in Peru is fast action with lots of trigger pulling. Waterfowl hunters will see lots of cinnamon Teal as well as white-cheeked, yellow-billed, and brown pintail.

A huge bonus for waterfowl hunters is the option to take the birds back for mounting.

Mountain Ducks

Peru duck hunting in the Andes is a trophy hunt. Neither decoys nor blinds are used while duck hunting in the Andes Mountains.

Most hunters head up to the mountains for the Andean goose hunting but while you are up there it is great to enjoy the views and get a few ducks for your trophy case.

Popular duck hunts are for the Torrent, Ruddy, and Crested Andean ducks.

There are several trophy waterfowl that are unique to the Andes and Peru.