Peru Travel Information

Peru is a country with over 5000 years of history. The areas of Peru are perfect for infinite vacation memories. There is something in Peru for everyone and it is a great to see the country either before or after your hunting trip.

With more flights and attractions that range from the fashion minded to the adventure hiker to the ultimate wingshooter, Peru has it all.

Lima, the capital is the arrival city and a city not to miss when bird hunting in Peru.

Lima is highlighted with its architectural beauty and several historical attractions that retell Peru's past.

Lima is now a modern Lima with fashion, first class cuisine, fine wines, and now first class bird hunting.

Los Gauchos is proud to call Peru a Los Gauchos hunting destination

Lima's architecture is amazing and the Historic Center of Lima, declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1991, possesses outstanding buildings and interiors that make the past come to life and coexist with the present Peru.

From palaces, mansions, churches, and magnificient balconies, one will soon see why Lima, Peru is called the City of Kings.

Lima's downtown Historic Cente has over 220 monuments that light up everynight with hundreds of beamed lights. It creates a magical scene and is termed the Light Circuit.

In addition to this spectacular Lima scene at night is the Magic Water Circuit, a stunning display of lights, water, and colors.

Certainly a sight not to be missed, the Magic Water Circuit of Lima is located in the Reserve Park.

While Los Gauchos emphasizes the necessary hunting gear for the hunting in Peru, do not forget to pack a camera to capture the sights of Lima.

The hunting in Peru obviously takes place outside the city of LIma; however, Lima is the starting city for all of the Peru bird hunting trips.

Several airlines fly into LIma direct from the US. American Airlines has several flights with the option of a daytime flight or an all nighter.

  • Weather - Lima can be warm and humidity is high. Peru bird hunting takes place miles outside Lima and is at a higher altitude. The weather is much colder, especially during the Peru duck hunting and goose hunting season

  • Currency - the official currency is the Nuevo Sol. Check online for the current exchange rate. Restaurants and stores in Lima accept credit cards and several will accept the USD. All fees such as shotgun shells for the hunting trips must be paid with US currency - check to see if credit cards, checks are also accepted before you depart. ATMs and banks are located on just about every corner in Lima.

  • Tipping Protocol - Restaurant servers in Lima as well as in other South American cities, appreciate 10% tip. Taxi drivers are not tipped and do not expect tips. Los Gauchos Peru hunting trips include tips with our daily rates; however, a 10% or any small "extra" (shirt, book, hat, hunting gear) is always appreciated by the hardworking hunting guides and support staff.

  • Language - Spanish is the official language of Peru. The hunting guides and host speak English.

  • Calling Peru-Telephones - the international code for Peru is 51 of for Lima it is 01. Los Gauchos will present a contact sheet before you depart with dialing instructions for those who are in Peru and those that are in the US to dial the hunting lodge.